With titanium dioxide

The Naturaverde wax in discs is useful for a professional, quick and easy hair removal giving a smooth and perfumed skin without using non woven fabric strips.

Quantity: 10 pcs of 20 gr

* Dermatologically Tested. Clinical tests carried out at the University of Ferrara.


  1. Take the discs from their packaging and melt at a low temperature in an appropriate wax heater until the wax reaches the correct temperature and has the consistency of honey;

  1. Applying wax by spreading a small quantity with a spatula in the hair growth direction. Wait until it become solid;

  1. Before it is completely solid, lift the layer of wax  at one end and remove with a sharp tug against the direction of hair growth. After application the wax can be reused for another application;

  1. any possible wax residue can be removed by proper after hair removal oil.

Do not use on wounds, varicose veins, fragile capillaries or genitals. Before using, make a preliminary sensitivity test on the area of the body to be treated, even if you have used the product before.  Wait for 24h before applying deodorants, lotions containing alcohol, or exposure to the sun. Do not heat in a microwave. Before applying make sure the area to be treated is clean, dry, and free from grease or sweat. Keep out of the reach of children.  Store away from heat sources.  Avoid contact with the eyes.

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