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Titanium Dioxide

For dry, sensitive and delicate skins

Read the warnings before use and follow the instructions in the kit carefully. The Naturaverde heating pan with depilatory wax is a new way to guarantee efficient hair removal and longer lasting smoothness for your skin. The easy to use heating pan makes it possible to get rid of that annoying body hair with a few simple gestures. It is also suitable for the most sensitive areas such as the bikini and underarm areas, guaranteeing a result to rival that of your beautician.

• Heat the product with the pan on the heat source, stir occasionally until the wax has melted; leave to cool to a temperature of 45°- 50°C.
• Using the pan’s removable handle, spread a thin layer of wax over the area you wish to depilate, following the direction of hair growth.
• After the layer of wax has hardened, lift a corner and then pull sharply away in the opposite direction to hair growth, at the same time pull the skin you are waxing tight with your other hand.


• Always check the temperature of the wax on a small area of skin on the back of your hand before applying to the zone you wish to depilate. If the wax is too hot it can cause burns.
• Do not use on wounded, irritated or chapped skins, with acne or spots, on moles, varicose veins or in case of capillary fragility, on sun burns or any similar.
• It is unsuitable for elderly or diabetic people.
• Wait 24 hours before applying any deodorant, perfume or alcoholic lotion on the depilated area.
• Avoid contact with eyes; if necessary consult a specialist.
• If the product is used for the first time, test the wax on a little part of the area to be treated and wait 24 hours before the application.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Keep the product away from heat sources.